Firestarters is a community of churches eager to grow together, learning from other churches that are experiencing significant, accelerated growth.  It is a community of churches committed to seeing people saved by Jesus and honest and open enough to learn together when that is not happening.

Secondly, Firestarters host conversations hosted by some of the fastest growing Baptist churches in the UK.  Our conversations are not conferences with a perceived expert keynoting, as useful as that is. Nor are they retreats with guided self-reflection, as vital as that is.  They are conversations hosted by churches experiencing surprising growth. Numbers are always kept small so we can build relationships and work together going forward, with very targeted applications and the ability for honest and open discussion.  We share lessons learnt, understand challenges and seek solutions, encourage and learn together.  Numbers are intentionally kept very low, and a number of growing churches are present at each conversation.

Thirdly, Firestarters provide online and face to face support, mentoring and advice to help churches explore necessary change that flows out of these conversations.  This is about a community, relationally connected and eager to learn and grow together.


The ‘growing churches’ that are working together to host the Firestarter community are real churches made up of real people in very real and diverse situations –  and yet the growth in new followers of Jesus and baptisms is unusual. Some have doubled in size in 12 months. One has seen over 50 come to faith in less than 18 months.  Few, if any count as a ‘large’ churches. This is not about resources or numbers. Though some have a staff team, most don’t. Few are ‘new’ church plants but rather churches 50 or 80 years old.  But God is reaching unexpected amounts of people through them. We want to see more. We think this accelerated growth could become normal.  They are churches serious about presenting Jesus from the Bible with the expectation God’s Word does God’s Word by God’s Spirit.

Firestarters is a community of churches pursuing Jesus together, drawing on the experience and lessons of churches experiencing significant and sustained conversion and new growth.  It is about growing churches helping grow churches, together.  It is about pursuing Jesus together, on his mission and for his glory.


Staff and/or leadership teams, especially of lay people and volunteer leaders, to spend 24 hours together with the expectation of fresh energy and renewed vigour.

Ministers coming along to be inspired, challenged and re-invigorated in what God might do with their leadership.

Lay leaders looking for support and help.

To bring emerging leaders to for an early experience of churches that are growing fast.

Small churches needing a reminder that it is churches just like theirs God is using.

Regional or translocal leaders wanting to connect with churches in the midst of significant growth.

Larger churches feeling stationary or stagnated and wondering why.

Churches with good momentum and wanting to capitalise on that.


Firestarters is partly funded by Baptists Together as part of their central vision to see “Growing healthy churches in relationship for God’s mission.”  Whilst most of the churches that attend are Baptist Churches we do welcome church leaders from all denominations.